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Rachmaninoff: Etudes-tableaux (complete)

Rachmaninoff: Etudes-tableaux (complete)
Composer Sergei Rachmaninoff
Artist Zlata Chochieva piano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number PCL0095
EAN code 5060385450307
Release November 2015

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About this release

Zlata about her new album: “For my third album for Piano Classics I chose the complete Etudes-tableaux by Rachmaninoff, music close to my heart. I always feel immensely fortunate to perform these masterpieces of a composer whom I whole heartedly adore. Rachmaninoff composed most of his works, including the Etudes-tableaux, at his family estate in Ivanovka, 600 km south of Moscow – he returned there each summer for more than twenty years, a habit only put to an end by his emigration in 1917. I visited his house there this August to absorb its special atmosphere, and to experience the inspiration and magical spirit which must have made this incredibly peaceful land such a joy and place of refuge for him. It is a great privilege to be able to experience these worlds that the Tableaux present, full of emotional poetry, romantic beauty, painful tragedy, darkness and light, and a boundless love for Russia.” Zlata Chochieva’s discography includes two CDs with “Piano Classics” Label. Her recording of Rachmaninov’s Variation on a Theme of Chopin and First Sonata received outstanding reviews in several prestigious classical music magazines including “Gramophone”, “Fono Forum” (5 star review) and “Piano News”.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: I. Allegro non troppo in F Minor
  2. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: II. Allegro in C Major
  3. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: III. Grave in C Minor
  4. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: IV. Moderato in D Minor
  5. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: V. Non allegro-presto in E-Flat Minor
  6. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: VI. Allegro con fuoco in E-Flat Major
  7. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: VII. Moderato in G Minor
  8. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: VIII. Grave in C-Sharp Minor
  9. Études-tableaux, Op. 39: I. Allegro agitato in C Minor
  10. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: II. Lento assai in A Minor
  11. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: III. Allegro molto in F-Sharp Minor
  12. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: IV. Allegro assai in B Minor
  13. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: V. Appasionata in E-Flat Minor
  14. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: VI. Allegro in A Minor
  15. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: VII. Lento, lugubre in C Minor
  16. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: VIII. Allegro moderato in D Minor
  17. Études-tableaux, Op. 33: IX. Allegro moderato in D Major