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Rachmaninoff: Early Piano Works

Rachmaninoff: Early Piano Works
Composer Sergei Rachmaninoff
Artist Elisa Tomellini piano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number PCL0123
EAN code 5060385450581
Release December 2016

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About this release

This new recording of Rachmaninoff’s early works offers a fascinating insight into the budding genius of the great Russian. A child prodigy at the piano Rachmaninoff was obviously drawn to his instrument when composing his first sketches and works. Pianistically challenging and bursting with melancholy and passion they are already vintage Rachmaninoff and form the foundation for his later masterworks.

The recording contains several character pieces like a Song Without Words and a separate Prelude, the 3 Nocturnes and the recently discovered Suite in D minor, as well as the Morceaux de Salon Op. 10.

Italian pianist Elisa Tomellini was schooled at the famous Imola Piano Academy, where her teachers included Franco Scala, Joaquin Achucarro and Alexander Lonquich. She followed masterclasses with Maurizio Pollini and Lazar Berman. She played in Washington Kennedy Center and the Leipzig Gewandhaus. Her playing combines Italian charm and Slavic passion.

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Suite in D Minor: I. Lento -Allegro moderato
  2. Suite in D Minor: II. Lento
  3. Suite in D Minor: III. Menuetto-Trio
  4. Suite in D Minor: IV. Allegro
  5. Song without Words in D Minor, lento
  6. 4 Pieces: I. Romance
  7. 4 Pieces: II. Prélude
  8. 4 Pieces: III. Mélodie
  9. 4 Pieces: IV. Gavotte
  10. 3 Nocturnes: I. Nocturne in F Major
  11. 3 Nocturnes: II. Nocturne in F-Sharp Minor
  12. 3 Nocturnes: III. Nocturne in C Minor
  13. Canon in E Minor
  14. Prelude in F Major
  15. 7 Morceaux de salon, Op. 10: I. Nocturne
  16. 7 Morceaux de salon, Op. 10: II. Valse
  17. 7 Morceaux de salon, Op. 10: III. Barcarolle
  18. 7 Morceaux de salon, Op. 10: IV. Mélodie
  19. 7 Morceaux de salon, Op. 10: V. Humoresque
  20. 7 Morceaux de salon, Op. 10: VI. Romance
  21. 7 Morceaux de salon, Op. 10: VII. Mazurka