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J.S. Bach: Toccatas

J.S. Bach: Toccatas
Composer Johann Sebastian Bach
Artist Alessandro Deljavan piano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number PCL0099
EAN code 5060385450345
Release November 2015

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About this release

A Toccata (from Italian toccare, “to touch”) is a virtuoso piece of music typically for a keyboard featuring fast‐moving, lightly fingered or otherwise virtuosic passages or sections, with or without imitative or fugal interludes, generally emphasizing the dexterity of the performer’s fingers. Originating in Renaissance Italy the Toccata travelled North and in Bach’s time it was an important form of keyboard writing. Bach’s seven Toccatas are highly intricate, “pianistically” elaborate works, in free, quasi‐improvisatory style, demanding a high level of virtuosity. This is the perfect repertoire for young Italian ALESSANDRO DELJAVAN, one of the most remarkable and original pianists of today. He lets his imagination free reign, is eloquent in the recitativestyle episodes, shows his incredible sense of polyphony in the fugues and displays a blinding and glittering pianism in the virtuoso sections: spellbinding!

Track list

Disk 1

  1. Toccata in D Major, BWV 912
  2. Toccata in E Minor, BWV 914
  3. Toccata in F-Sharp Minor, BWV 910
  4. Toccata in G Major, BWV 916
  5. Toccata in C Minor, BWV 911
  6. Toccata in D Minor, BWV 913
  7. Toccata in G Minor, BWV 915