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Bernstein: Complete Solo Piano Music

Bernstein: Complete Solo Piano Music
Composer Leonard Bernstein
Artist Michele Tozzetti piano
Format 1 CD
Cat. number PCL10174
EAN code 5029365101745
Release March 2019

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About this release

Bernstein's piano output reflects the various strands of his multifaceted personality, in works as different as Touches (1981) – influenced by Aaron Copland’s thorny Piano Variations – and , at the other end of the scale, his often tender, sentimental Anniversaries, miniatures written in commemoration of important people in his life. Taken together his piano works form a musical diary tracing the breadth of his experiences and ideas. Smaller piano pieces often preview bigger things to come. Four of his Five Anniversaries (1949-51) appear as themes in his violin concerto, the Serenade after Plato’s “Symposium.”

The personal commemorations he created were not portraits so much as self-portrayals, revealing different aspects of his own multi-faceted personality. To play these works well requires an understanding of the various elements that made up the Bernstein persona. The Italian pianist Michele Tozzetti brings out the heartfelt tenderness of most of these tributes, the Jewish elements and the dance rhythms.

In the Anniversary dedicated to Aaron Copland (in Seven Anniversaries, 1943), Tozzetti captures the sound and spirit of the man Bernstein called ‘my first friend in New York, my master, my idol, my sage, my shrink, my guide, my counselor, my elder brother, [and] my beloved friend.’ The pianist reveals a delicate sense of sonority along with fine dynamic control in For Paul Bowles,
and brings an idiomatic edginess to For Sergei Koussevitzky. He also injects
youthful vigour into Bernstein’s Sonata (1937), a probing work rich in counterpoint, written when the the composer was still a student.

Also on this recording are Non Troppo Presto, a manuscript discovered in the Leonard Bernstein archive at the Library of Congress; and Touches: Chorale, Eight Variations and Coda, commissioned by the Van Cliburn Piano Competition in 1981. Its bluesy chorale is identical to Virgo Blues, written for his daughter, Jamie on her twenty-sixth birthday in 1978. Bernstein dedicated this work ‘to my first love, the keyboard’. In Michele Tozzetti’s hands, that love is beautifully realized.

Leonard Bernstein was without doubt one of the most important musical figures of 20th century America: active as pianist, composer, conductor, teacher and media star, he was in short a musical icon. 2018 saw the centenary of his birth, which generated a renewed interest in this towering genius.
Bernstein’s compositions are as multi-faceted as the man himself: his “Touches” is influenced by the thorny and fiercely dissonant sounds of Copland’s variations while the “Anniversaries” are touching and sometimes even sentimental commemorations of important people in his life.
Bernstein’s complete piano works are played on this new recording by the young Italian pianist Michele Tozzetti, who plays on a superb Fazioli grand piano F278.
The booklet contains liner notes written by the noted author Stuart Isacoff.


Track list

Disk 1

  1. Leonard Bernstein: Sonata: I. —
  2. Leonard Bernstein: Sonata: II. —
  3. Leonard Bernstein: Touches
  4. Leonard Bernstein: 4 Sabras: I. Ilana. The Dreamer
  5. Leonard Bernstein: 4 Sabras: II. Idele. The Chassidele
  6. Leonard Bernstein: 4 Sabras: III. Yosi. The Jokester
  7. Leonard Bernstein: 4 Sabras: IV. Dina. The Tomboy Who Weeps Alone
  8. Leonard Bernstein: 4 Anniversaries: I. For Felicia Montealegre
  9. Leonard Bernstein: 4 Anniversaries: II. For Johnny Mehegan
  10. Leonard Bernstein: 4 Anniversaries: III. For David Diamond
  11. Leonard Bernstein: 4 Anniversaries: IV. For Helen Coates
  12. Leonard Bernstein: 5 Anniversaries: I. For Elizabeth Rudolf
  13. Leonard Bernstein: 5 Anniversaries: II. For Lukas Foss
  14. Leonard Bernstein: 5 Anniversaries: III. For Elizabeth B. Ehrman
  15. Leonard Bernstein: 5 Anniversaries: IV. For Sandy Gellhorn
  16. Leonard Bernstein: 5 Anniversaries: V. For Susanna Kyle
  17. Leonard Bernstein: 7 Anniversaries: I. For Aaron Copland
  18. Leonard Bernstein: 7 Anniversaries: II. For My Sister, Shirley
  19. Leonard Bernstein: 7 Anniversaries: III. In Memoriam. Alfred Eisner
  20. Leonard Bernstein: 7 Anniversaries: IV. For Paul Bowles
  21. Leonard Bernstein: 7 Anniversaries: V. In Memoriam. Nathalie Koussevitzky
  22. Leonard Bernstein: 7 Anniversaries: VI. For Sergei Koussevitzky
  23. Leonard Bernstein: 7 Anniversaries: VII. For William Schuman
  24. Leonard Bernstein: Non troppo presto
  25. Leonard Bernstein: Music for the Dance, No. II: I. Moderato
  26. Leonard Bernstein: Music for the Dance, No. II: II. Waltz Time
  27. Leonard Bernstein: Music for the Dance, No. II: III. Allegro non troppo
  28. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: I. For Shirley Gabis Rhoads Perle
  29. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: II. In Memoriam. William Kapell
  30. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: III. For Stephen Sondheim
  31. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: IV. For Craig Urquhart
  32. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: V. For Leo Smit
  33. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: VI. For My Daughter, Nina
  34. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: VII. In Memoriam. Helen Coates
  35. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: VIII. In Memoriam. Goddard Lieberson
  36. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: IX. For Jessica Fleischmann
  37. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: X. In Memoriam. Constance Hope
  38. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: XI. For Felicia, on our 28th Birthday
  39. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: XII. For Aaron Stern
  40. Leonard Bernstein: 13 Anniversaries: XIII. In Memoriam. Ellen Goetz